Thinking Of A Circumcision? Time To Know The Pros And Cons First! 


It has always been a difficult choice for parents to decide whether circumcision will be ideal for their newborns, and there are numerous diverse points of view to take into account. Urologists are aware that circumcision offers both immediate and long-term advantages, as well as potential risks if you decide to have the procedure. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of Circumcision Urologist Brooklyn with respect to your child’s urologic health. Read on to know more. 

From a Urologist: The Benefits of Circumcision

  • HIV infection and other sexually transmitted illnesses are less likely to be acquired following circumcision.
  • Urinary tract infections are less common in people who have undergone circumcision.
  • Some prostate cancer chances are decreased.
  • If the mums have the human papillomavirus, it lowers the chance that male infants may acquire cervical cancer.
  • Male newborns who have had their circumcisions are more protected from Type 1 herpes simplex virus infection.
  • Male circumcised individuals are less prone to severe ulcerative colitis-related illness.

Cons from a Urologist on Circumcision

  • Swelling is the most frequent consequence, which is often small but can be managed with antibiotics.
  • Rarely, the operation could harm the penis or cause blood loss if an excessive amount of tissue is eliminated.
  • Rarely, this might lead to the penis growing unnaturally since the wound wasn’t given enough time to heal before even being cut anew (called phimosis).
  • In cases where the urethral aperture is unusually small, it can also result in meatal stenosis. According to medical practitioners, these issues are extremely uncommon and frequently result from poor post-circumcision care.


The benefits and drawbacks of circumcision often seem to be balanced quite evenly. The choice of what the parents think is ideal for their kids is really up to them. The risk of developing HIV infection and other sexually transmitted illnesses may be reduced through circumcision. The prevalence of urinary tract infections (UTIs) may be lower in young boys who have had their circumcision before the age of one year. Circumcision has both its benefits and drawbacks. The choice is ultimately down to the parents.

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