Questions To Ask A Personal Trainer In Nyack NY Before Hiring Them!


It’s likely that you have a lot on your mind while you’re looking to hire a new personal trainer, and this is a huge hiring decision for your long-term health that you should take very seriously.

We’ve teamed up with the personal trainer nyack ny specialists at The Rising Legends Academy of Fitness to create the below questions that you should be asking prospective personal training specialists during interviews and consultation appointments.

By going through the details oriented around the below questions, you’ll put yourself in a great position to find the perfect personal trainer to match your specific needs!

Who exactly will I be working with, and how are these partnerships decided?

This question particularly applies to when you’re looking to hire a personal trainer through your local gym, because in this situation, you’ll likely have many different coaches to choose between.

You’ll want to jive well with your personal trainer, so this is a good question to ask during consultation appointments. Some factors to keep in mind for these client-trainer matchups include specialization, schedule and personality.

You should also make sure that you have a way to switch your personal trainer just in case you don’t like your first pairing.

What certifications does the personal trainer hold?

This is an important question to ask potential coaches and personal trainers, because it helps you verify their overall industry experience and expertise.

There are many different certifications within the fitness industry that directly apply to personal trainers, including accreditation from many institutions. Make sure that your personal trainer is fully accredited, because this indicates that they’ve gone through proper educational routes.

It’s also common for personal trainers to have certifications in other focuses like behavioral change, nutrition and special needs.

What continued education programs do you partake in?

Personal trainers have to undergo continued education programs in order to keep their industry certifications current, and this is also important because fitness is constantly evolving.

When you partner up with a personal trainer that takes continued education programs seriously, you can better ensure that you’re working with a professional that remains on the cutting edge of their field.

There are all sorts of continued education programs out there, from books, reading articles, scientific journals, specialty certification programs, industry retreats, and much more.

Have you helped other clients reach goals that are similar to mine?

This is a very significant question to keep in mind, because it’ll help you narrow down your top options toward one that’s likely best tailored to meet your unique needs.

Just like other health professionals, personal trainers have specialties. This means that you’ll want to work with a fitness coach that specializes in meeting the type of goals that you’re looking to reach.

How will you help me track my progress?

When you’re properly measuring your fitness journey’s progress, you’ll be better able to manage your progress. There are all sorts of intricate goals that people have, and some fitness and weight loss goals are more difficult to track than others.

Although you’ll likely weigh yourself on a scale, it’s important to remember how this doesn’t even come close to providing you with a full picture of your progress.

Your personal trainer should help you when it comes to better understanding your body composition, and how your workouts will be modifying your goals and overall results.

Will I be given homework to do?

You’re likely only going to be working with your personal trainer about 3-4 hours per week, which means that it’ll be on you to maintain your fitness progress throughout the rest of your time.

The odds are that your personal trainer is going to give you homework when it comes to your exercising and dieting. This can also include recovery techniques, stretching routines and self-care.

Homework is important between every client-trainer relationship, because it helps establish a fitness habit that keeps your overall goals in mind on a daily basis.

What’s your nutrition coaching approach?

Proper nutrition is crucial for everyone’s fitness goals, and your personal trainer will likely educate you upon how you can modify your lifestyle outside of the gym. And it’s important to remember that this typically goes so much further than simply placing you within a meal plan or telling you what to eat!

Your personal trainer is supposed to educate you on how to make great diet choices on your own, which will help you feel more confident about maintaining your nutrition plan during your daily life. The odds are that you’re also going to start a food log, so you can both review what you’re eating/drinking and make adjustments as necessary.

How will my program be customized for me?

When you’re looking to hire a personal trainer, you’re subsequently looking for one-on-one instruction that puts you and your unique needs first. This means that everything about your program should be fully tailored toward your health history, your unique goals, and your current fitness level.

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to personal training, so this is a big question to ask that helps you better understand how a fitness coach will make adjustments specifically for you.

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It’s always exciting when you’re in the process of hiring a personal trainer in your local area, because this is one of the first steps toward changing your life and improving your overall health.

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