How is Health Carousel Changing the Face of Modern Healthcare Solutions?


Staffing solutions and shortages in the wake of the global pandemic have been the norm, at least in the past two years. Companies like Health Carousel, however, are working hard to fill in the gaps between staffing shortages and staffing solutions.

Based out of Cincinnati and established in 2004, Health Carousel operates under an umbrella of different productions to help its clients to meet the needs of the constantly changing workforce. In doing so, Health Carousel has unveiled a slew of services to help professionals in the healthcare sphere get back into work.

Health Carousel: Work in the Philippines

As one of the most widely respected and fastest-growing providers of workforce and healthcare staffing solutions, Health Carousel has been uniquely focused on bringing its services to regions of the planet most impacted by the fallout from COVID-19.

Recently, Health Carousel partnered with Health Carousel Philippines to implement a 12-month partnership on a training program and recognition initiative. The goal of this initiative is to help more than 2,000 nursing students prepare themselves for the Philippines Regulation Commission Nurse Licensure Examination.

As one of the regions notably impacted by fatigue and staffing shortages due to the pandemic, the year-long partnership helped students to prepare for their test, leading to an 86% mark for all Masterclass participants when compared to the 57% average of non-participants. As a result of these training efforts, hundreds of additional nurses were qualified and able to enter the field on time.

The team at Health Carousel prides itself on successful initiatives like this one as their goal is simple: to improve lives, to improve healthcare, and to bring about new healthcare staffing solutions.

Physician Staffing Solutions

A range of global and international services have put Health Carousel on the map, but new announcements continue to keep them there. Recently, Heal Carousel built a Locum Tenens division by implementing a division of strategic acquisitions. Locum Tenens is Latin for the word ‘placeholder’. Placeholder professionals are trained medical professionals that step in and fill the void when advanced practitioners have to take leave.

Highly trained and skilled at temporary work, Health Carousel helps healthcare organizations to fulfill their physical staffing solution needs. The Health Carousel website reads, “Health Carousel delivers a flexible workforce strategy that maintains the quality and continuity of patient care.”

Recent Accolades For Health Carousel

While only recently garnering global and international acclaim for its healthcare solutions, Health Carousel has been a prominent name in workforce solutions since it first opened its doors in 2004. For seven straight years, Health Carousel has enjoyed year-to-year revenue growth that has led them to earn the Fast 55 Award. Other notable achievements in the past year include recognition by Staffing Industry Analysts and Inc 5000 as one of the fastest growing private companies and firms in America.

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