Healthcare Assistants and How They Fare in Terms of Salary


The healthcare industry isn’t just built on doctors and surgeons alone. The business of health and wellness includes positions such as IT managers, secretaries, lab technicians, and custodians.

Being a part of the world of medicine doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to undergo years of specialization training. Doing your role of being of help in any way you can isn’t just in terms of a vision or a motto, but also in terms of employment. Recruitment firms don’t just focus on their role as a physician recruiter; they also have a specific category for professional assistants. If you’re on the look-out for some prime opportunities for finding a job in the medical field, here are some positions and what their salaries look like.

Medical transcriptionists

The business of medicine is grounded on numbers and diagnoses. Though doctors need to think on their feet when making diagnostic readings and writing prescriptions, they’re not always at their best. Medical transcriptionists create reports and medical documents that are necessary for accurate treatments, medicines, and diagnoses. Potential applicants need to be savvy in using a computer together with helpdesk software and be able to budget their time in handling the workload of dealing with multiple patients on record at once.

Their median salary is $35,250. You might want to reconsider if you’re going to apply since the demand for medical transcriptionists might be going down with accessibility to automated documentation apps growing by the day.

Dental assistants

A dental assistant’s workload varies as they may be involved in handling patients such as assisting in operations, or not at all such as dealing with appointments and office records. As a general note, if you’re looking to apply as a dental assistant, you might need to focus on your interpersonal skills, organizational skills, and how well you work with precision materials with your hands.

Dental assistants on average had a median salary of $37,630 as of mid-2017. Since it’s a median figure, some employees earn more than minimum wage while half make less.

Oral health is commonly linked to the overall health of an individual, especially when it comes to toddlers and young adults. Don’t fret at the numbers for now as The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that a rise for dental assistants of up to 19% will occur from 2016 to a decade later.

Pharmacy technicians

Every hospital needs an in-house pharmacy. With a wide range of employment from groceries to drug stores, these technicians work either in local pharmacies or big hospitals in helping with the dissemination of prescription medication. Pharmacists need to have strong customer service skills, management skills, and a decent level of math skills.

Their median salary is around $31,750 which isn’t the best number on this list, but there’s soon to be a high demand for pharmacists in the future.  Current statistics from the BLS forecast pharmacy technicians to experience an increase of over 12%, over 7% higher than other occupations, because of the rise in the number of elderly customers needing medication.


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