FAQs About Neck Lift Surgery In Dallas, Texas!


If you’re in the market for a neck lift dallas, then you’re more than likely going to have many questions on your mind that need to be answered.

The good news is that there are plenty of online resources oriented around making people feel more assured with neck lift procedures, and we’ve partnered up with the experts at Dallas Surgical Arts to answer the following frequently asked questions (FAQs) about neck lifts.

So here are some FAQs about neck lift surgeries that will inform you more about this cosmetic process:

Who are good candidates for neck lift surgery?

Good candidates for neck lift surgeries are currently experiencing any kind of sagging or drooping skin around their neck. Other good neck lift patients have a double chin, and others want a jawline that’s more defined.

Some other important considerations to keep in mind as a neck lift surgery candidate is your current health and overall expectations oriented around this procedure.

What exactly happens during neck lift surgery?

The vast majority of neck lift procedures will be conducted when the patient is under general anesthesia. Once the surgeon conducts a small incision below the patient’s chin, the neck skin is then lifted.

The patient’s excess neck skin is then removed, and sometimes this portion of the procedure will include liposuction. The incision is then properly closed up to ensure that the results look completely natural.

Is liposuction always used during neck lifts?

Liposuction is often a part of a neck lift surgery, and this is usually because a patient will have excess fat and skin that needs to be removed. Younger patients will often have better skin elasticity, which means that liposuction might not always be necessary.

However, many younger patients interested in neck lift surgery will often only need liposuction instead of a comprehensive, cosmetic procedure.

Can a neck lift patient also get other facial treatments, like facelifts, at the same time?

Yes, and this is mainly because the muscle layers in a patient’s neck are often connected to the same muscle layers in their lower face. This is why many patients will get both procedures done at the exact same time, because this will elicit a more natural, cohesive facial appearance.

Many patients will simultaneously invest in chin augmentations as well as their neck lifts. Be sure to speak with your cosmetic surgeon about the types of procedures you’re interested in to go along with your neck lift, because this will go a long way towards preparing your surgery and ensuring your fastest results!

Do neck lifts entail any potential complications or risks?


Although every surgery comes with certain risks, neck lift surgeries are typically very safe as compared to other types of cosmetic procedures. The likelihood of experiencing anesthesia complications are very rare, and scars and infections occur very infrequently as well.

What do patients need to do after their neck lift procedure is completed?

It’s crucial that every neck lift patient follows the instructions provided by their surgeon as closely as possible. You’ll likely need to use cold compresses for a period of time after your surgery, and you’ll also need to rest for about a week or so as well.

You’re also going to need to ensure that your incisions remain clean and moist, an that you go on a soft food diet for a temporary amount of time.

Reach Out To The Neck Lift Dallas Experts To Learn More About This Cutting-Edge Cosmetic Procedure!

If you’re interested in getting a neck lift in the Dallas area, then you should reach out to the experienced experts at Dallas Surgical Arts to ask them your questions and get a better understanding as to what you can expect from your neck lift procedure.

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