Drinking Mouthwash To Satisfy Your Alcohol Cravings Can Be Lethal


Mouthwash for satisfying alcohol cravings? Yes, you heard it right. Getting addicted to alcohol can make people desperate enough to take any type of alcohol, for that matter, it can be a mouthwash also. However, they never understand the fact that mouthwash can get you drunk but can also kill you.

Mouthwash is just to swish around the mouth, spat out, and not be swallowed. Ethanol or alcohol is just one of the dangerous ingredients in standard mouthwashes. It also contains other harsh chemicals that are toxic to ingest and can cause severe stomach and intestinal disorders with liver failures. The harsh lethal chemicals are:

  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Methyl salicylate
  • Fluoride
  • Eucalyptol
  • Benzoic acid
  • Thymol

Getting help for alcohol disorder

If you find any of your loved ones suffering from alcohol addiction and drinking mouthwash as a regular habit to satisfy their cravings, Detox to Rehab is the best place that can guide and treat them to overcome this addiction.

This is a supportive, progressive, and inclusive rehab community in the US that helps people with unconditional support and guidance to get through their difficult journey of turning back to sobriety and overcome any kind of addiction that a person has been struggling with.

How does one get drunk with mouthwash?

While mouthwash helps to improve your oral and dental hygiene, drinking it can be dangerous and lethal. The label instructions are also clear that under any circumstances, you should not drink the liquid.

Alcohol addicts drink mouthwash for several reasons like:

  • Being addicted to a substance use disorder.
  • Easy and cheap alternative to alcohol, which might not be available or unable to buy.
  • The mint smell makes it a discreet use.
  • Being underage and being addicted to alcohol or unaware of the risks associated.
  • Already intoxicated and wanting to consume more alcohol.

Giving up alcohol can be challenging but taking help from certified rehab programs will be beneficial to treat this disorder.

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